I started working on these collages and pantuns at a class taught by Judith Winston at Health Touch.  I had been cutting up magazines and making things since I was a kid so it came pretty easy.  I really enjoy taking the time each day to sit at my creativity table and see what emerges. I have come to think of it as my morning meditation. It nearly always puts me in a happy mood! I hope you like the collages and pantuns. Maybe you will even feel inspired to create your own, or share them with others.

Here’s a picture of Judith Winston. She is just a fountain of creative visions! We get together often to enjoy making art. Having a friend to create with is a great blessing. She wrote me this pantun for my birthday:

My creative Sister is a Goddess.
She takes a blank canvas and fills it with flowers.
She rejoices in the goodness of life.
She celebrates her wisdom in imagery.
This Goddess paints her own canvas with flowers,
Her Inner Landscape is filled with wisdom.
Her Wisdom is celebrated by those who love her,
There are no constrictions on her expression.
Her Inner Landscape is resplendent in beauty and wisdom
She rejoices in the goodness of life
The freedom of her expression is without end or containment
My artful sister is a creative goddess!
– Judith Winston


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Comments from Friends

Hi Judo/Judith! I’m Anne from the Journal Retreat group. I’m so loving your website! Your creations are an inspiration to me. I will be checking back often! Lots of love, Anne


it IS LOVE that inspires… (i LIKE your collage VERY MUCH… i feel the LOVE)

somewhere in this swimming we do
exists a sacred way of being.
some of us stop and witness.
some of us fret and flurry in disbelief.
neither are right or wrong and
both have their place in this great dance of living.
some say that reality is an inside job.
some know this to be true.
some say “what/where is this inside you speak of?”
those who “know” cannot say.
and, any way pointing could be vanity.
when the heart meets the soul
something mystical happens.
worries, doubts, disbelief vanish.
and in their place dwells a knowing
that defies all reasoning.
10 January 2017
JUDO, This poem is written in response to the lovely collage you just sent.
i thank you for the inspiration!
Fabulous!!‎ I think we all did an awesome job of celebrating our voices + beliefs yesterday and your pantoum and collage reflects the beauty we experienced!
Love you!

Judo, i delight in your delight and your joy!!!!!

WOW, I love your Blog.

This compilation is beautiful and touching. Your collages are wonderful and I think you should try and publish your poems as many people can relate to them and would find them moving! well done and thank you for sharing them with me. -Susan V.

I just finished reading your poems and viewing your collages!  I just did not want it to end!  Thank you for sharing your deepest self with me through your words and creative collages.    I was trying to choose a favorite collage/poem but each held its own place in my heart and stirred up different emotions.


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