Basically, you use the creative imaginative faculty of the mind to transform everything, both internally and externally. The creative imagination in itself is an incredibly powerful force. If you channel it in the right way it can reach very deep levels of mind which cannot be accessed through verbal means or mere analysis. It is because on a very deep level we think in pictures. If you are using the pictures that have arisen in an Enlightened mind, somehow that unlocks very deep levels in our own minds. What you are dealing with are images which are a reflection of the deepest qualities within oneself. They are reflections of one’s Buddha mind, therefor they are a skillful means for leading you back to who one really is. That is why when you practice, things occur and experiences happen.
~ Tenzin Palmo, Cave in the Snow

For over twenty years now I have owed the domain name I got into websites early, and I was so pleased with myself. In my mind that powerful little phrase, Thoughts create reality embodied everything I wanted to think about, dream about, make art about and write about.

How do our thoughts create our reality?
How do we shape our reality?

People have been saying that thoughts create reality for a long time. When I really started to investigate this topic, I found I had a lot of new questions to answer:

What is the nature of the reality that my thoughts create?
 If my thoughts create reality when do I stop creating misery and start creating joy? 

Ira Progoff in his book At A Journal Workshop wrote about mapping the subconscious mind. At that time I mostly focused on the outer world. I began to allow myself to wander through my inner landscapes and explore them via art, journaling, Shamanic journeys, regressions, and meditations, I have collected a body of works, writings and images that speak to me. This exploration is my personal journey, but it may encourage you to begin or continue your own.