04/12/17 It’s only 8:30am and the day is already full of miracles. Best news this morning our beautiful fig tree that I thought was dead has miraculously budded out  dozens of little green leaves overnight! A lost cat has been found, a dear friend has returned to my life. Feeling definitely blissful today. Deep gratitude!

04/08/17 Today’s collage says “Embrace your purpose.” and got me wondering what my purpose really was. Often when I am making collages my mind will  get involved and say, “What exactly is the purpose of making collages? What are trying to do?”

I had to stop and throw the I Ching just to think about that idea for a while. So much of what we do in life seems very ordinary, washing dishes, driving the car etc. It’s all stuff we “have to do”, but what is the purpose?

The I Ching shed some light on this for me. I liked this phrase, “The dedicated woman embodies an enduring meaning in her way of life, and thereby the world is formed.” I am a dedicated woman. I am dedicated to my family, my pets, my plants, my community, my friends. I am reliable, enduring and things thrive, plants, animals, relationships when you remember to water them and shine some love on them.

03/04/2017 Judith and I were talking about art. What is it? How do you know when your work goes from “just messing around, being creative” to “fine art”? There really is no exact definition. For me being creative has more to do with listening to my heart than creating a great work of art. It flows rather spontaneously for me.

Well it is March and I see I fell down on my promise to myself to post a new collage and pantun everyday. You see, the puppy chewed through my printer cable! However I didn’t stop making collages or writing pantuns so now I have plenty of new ones to post. Today’s post is really inspired by women. Everywhere in the world there are strong women working so hard for their families. The Women’s March in DC was extremely inspiring and really opened my eyes to the strength and beauty of women. If you want to do something great for women I urge you to go to Kiva.org and make a small loan of $25.00 to support a woman in another country. Micro loans make a huge difference.
I’m learning a lot from the collages just by doing them each day, making them an important part of my life. They aren’t meant to be great works of art, just a simple expression of my heart each day. It sets a pleasant mood for the day to sit quietly and see what unfolds.

I’m getting the idea of the blog now. I’m trying to post each day and stay connected with this visual journal. It is starting to take shape!


What an amazing weekend.  Everyone thought the Inauguration was the big event but The Women’s March stole the show not just in Washington but around the world. Great to see so many beautiful people holding the light… and that beautiful light had a distinctive rosy glow.


“We can create a personal and collective baseline for a new life if we genuinely commit to activating the core heart qualities we all have within us – such as love, kindness, care, respect, forgiveness, gratitude and compassion for others and ourselves, to list a few. Practicing these heart qualities raises our spiritual vibration to the level of who we really are. This unfolds a new life charged with spirit and the competence to create “new” from the untapped power of our hearts.” – Heartmath

Today I received a wonderful collection of pictures gleaned from magazines, calendars and cards. They were the savings of my friend Anita LaPlaca who transitioned to another realm last summer. I am so excited to see her ideas, as we both shared a deep love of beauty. This is a huge gift and I look forward to much future creativity with new inspirations.

This web site is a collection of collages and pantuns that I created in the last two years. I didn’t even realize that I was creating a body of work until I gathered up all the scattered pieces and put them together. Collage is like that, many scattered pieces glued together. You never know what will show up, or how the whole piece will fall together.

I hope this collection will encourage you to get into your creative zone, gather up the scattered pieces of your life and make something. Make it just for yourself, or because you feel like it, or because its a great way to procrastinate. Do it for fun! Do it by yourself or with your best friend, late into the night, or first thing in the morning.


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